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With a longstanding commitment to innovation, quality, and sophistication, the Briar Group and Briar Events manage a number of Boston restaurants, cafés, and gastropubs, including the energizing Brew Café. The Briar Group has helped Boston families and corporations for decades to make holidays and special occasions distinctive, delicious, and unforgettable. From boisterous birthday parties to elegant corporate luncheons, the Briar Group and the Brew Café have what it takes to create meaningful, memorable events, day or night.

The Brew Café, one of the Briar Group’s funkiest, freshest holdings, is a coffee bar and café tucked into the stylish District Hall. Created to fuel the workings of Boston’s Innovation and Seaport Districts, the Brew Café is ideal for coffee and espresso drinks, fresh-made breakfast sandwiches, and on-the-go pastries. Salads, soups, cold sandwiches, and an ever-changing dessert display round out the menu. With smoothies, milkshakes, and even beer and wine, the Brew Café is the perfect place to gather.

To start your day, consider the Brew Café’s tasty stuffed croissants, egg white wraps, and breakfast burritos. Fruit, pastries, and a variety of specialty coffees make waking up fun. For lunch, chow down on wallet-friendly sandwiches, subs, wraps, salads, and soups. The Brew’s pizza flavor revolves daily, and a side of fries is always on the menu. For a daytime indulgence, try a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a Whale’s Tale Pale Ale—Brew’s spare, elegant list of beers and wines can enliven even the driest weekday.

Fueling innovation one latte at a time, the Brew Café is committed to giving back to its local community – and its global one. A simple loyalty program makes it easy to get $3 back on ever $10 you spend. Plus, Brew sources all its coffee, including espresso, from Barrington Coffee, a Massachusetts-based roasting company committed to purchasing only single-origin, fairly-sourced beans. Brew’s relationship with District Hall, Boston’s hippest meeting and events’ space, ensures easy access to District’s diverse programming and numerous other resources.

The Brew Café’s proximity to District Hall means we can host any number of events, from intimate social gatherings and family dinner parties to affairs of the highest order. Basically, we can accommodate almost anything: just ask. The Brew Cafe’s easy online contact form makes it simple – just visit our website. From there, a Brew Café event planner will be in touch to assist you in crafting the event you’ve been imagining. From start to finish, guest list to dessert buffet, the Brew Café can help you to create a celebration at the edge of Boston’s shimmering heart that your guests won’t ever forget.

While you’re in town, consider visiting one of the Briar Group’s many exciting venues. There’s M.J. O’Connor’s, a lively Irish pub, and its Back Bay counterpart, Sólás. City Table and Briar’s two City Bars are fresh, sleek, and modern. There’s the Green Briar, Ned Devine’s, K2 Café, Glass House, Harp, and Boulevard Tacos. Diverse, creative, and always striving for innovation, the family-owned Briar Group has helped Boston to celebrate epic milestones and ordinary weekdays alike for over 25 years.

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